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Warrior EVO WARP S Lacrosse Head

The Warrior WARP S Lacrosse head is the second evolution of the Warrior WARP and is now available with a Semi Soft feel. Warrior used a new Polyethylene material for the center channel of the WARP S to create a semi soft pocket giving you more feel and control of the ball. Along with the new material the WARP S also uses a longer channel for a smoother release during passing and shooting.The WARP S offers a more traditional mesh feel to the newest pocket innovation to the sport of a lacrosse. Warrior offers a 60 day warranty with the WARP S is proudly produced in the USA.

– 3 Available pockets – Low, Mid and High

– Warrior added a longer channel for a smoother release on the WARP S

– The WARP S pocket uses Kevlar ring, Polypropylene outer channel and a polyethylene center channel for a Semi Soft feel

– 100% made in the USA

– 60 Day Warranty 



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