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Maverik Lock Unstrung Lacrosse Head


The Maverik LOCK lacrosse head will win the ball at the X, and change the outcome of the game. The LOCK is designed to dominate at the X. The short throat and lightweight design of the Maverik LOCK enables quick hand movement, and the shorter throat simply gives you more leverage, which means more wins. FlexRail technology provides a predictive and responsive flex with each repetition.  It flexs in the same spot, the same way on every play.  Tension Lock enables stringers to precisely locate a defined shooting channel for increased accuracy. The Level 2 Bottom Rail is designed for a mid-low pocket delivering the perfect blend of power and accuracy. Duraflex material provides consistency, helping retain the head to optimal faceoff form.  Ground Control perfectly engineered scoop angle designed specifically to scoop ground balls with ease so you can dominate on every play. Proudly MADE IN THE USA


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 in


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