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Brine Clutch IV Lacrosse Head


The Brine Clutch IV lacrosse head is the latest evolution of the already popular Clutch lacrosse head series. The Brine Clutch series has been an offensive powerhouse for years. It is also well known for its faceoff capabilities. Arguably one of the most diverse heads on the market for any player on the offesnisive side of the field. Great for passing, shooting, powerful hold, faceoffs, and ground balls this head has everything you need to get the job done. 


The Brine Clutch 4 X head features patented Vari-Flex technology. The material in the head is strategically designed so that it flexes optimally for speed, stiffness, and durability, even in extreme heat. We all know how it feels to have your head warp, break, or just not perform on a hot day on summer turf!


Another key feature on the Clutch 4 X is the patented TruOffset design. This gives you the ability to maximize your pocket depth, which means more shot power on every shot! The new Brine King Clutch 4 X improves on several levels from the previous version, which will bring tangible results for you on the field! 


-Vari-Flex technology improves consistency in the Clutch IV through stratigically placed heat resistant nylon in high stress areas. 


-Vari-Flex Core technology maintains stiffness in hotter weather conditions to avoid warping or damage to the Clutch IV.


-Stratigic Core-Tech eliminates excess weight and optimizing ball feel and control. 



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Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 8 in


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